Madagascar 2010 Constitution


The sovereign Malagasy People,

Affirming its belief in Andriamanitra Andriananahary,

Resolute to promote and to develop its heritage of society living in harmony and respectful of otherness, of the wealth and of the dynamism of its cultural and spiritual values through the « fanahy maha-olona »,

Convinced of the necessity of the Malagasy society to recover its originality, its authenticity and its Malagasy character, and to inscribe itself in the modernity of the millennium while conserving its traditional fundamental principles and values based on the Malagasy fanahy that includes « ny fitiavana, ny fihavanana, ny fifanajàna, ny fitandroana ny aina », and privileging a framework of life allowing a « living together » without distinction of region, of origin, of ethnicity, of religion, of political opinion, or of gender,

Conscious that it is indispensable to implement a process of national reconciliation,

Convinced that the Fokonolona, organized in Fokontany, constitutes a framework of life, of emancipation, of exchange and of participative dialog of the citizen,

Persuaded of the exceptional importance of the wealth of the fauna, of the flora and of the mining resources of high specificities with which nature has provided Madagascar, and that it is important to preserve it for the future generations,

Declaring that the non-respect for the Constitution or its revision with a view to reinforce the power of those governing to the detriment of the interests of the population are the causes of the cyclical crises,

Considering the geopolitical situation of Madagascar and its voluntarist participation in the dialog of nations, and making its own, notably:

  • The International Charter of the Rights of Man;
    The Conventions relative to the rights of the child, to the rights of women, to the protection of the environment, to the social, economical, political, civil and cultural rights,

Considering that the development of the personality and of the identity of all Malagasies is the essential factor of the durable and full development of which the conditions are, notably:

  • the preservation of peace, the practice of solidarity and the duty of preserving the national unity in the implementation of a policy of balanced and harmonious development;
    the respect for and protection of the fundamental freedoms and rights;

    The establishment of a State of law by virtue of which those governing and those governed are submitted to the same juridical norms, under the control of an independent Justice;

    the elimination of all forms of injustice, of corruption, of inequality and of discrimination;

    the rational and equitable administration of the natural resources for the needs of the development of the human being;

    the good governance in the conduct of public affairs, thanks to transparency in the administration and the accountability of the depositaries of the public power;

    the separation and the equilibrium of power exercised through democratic procedures;

    the implementation of effective decentralization, through the granting of the largest autonomy to the decentralized collectivities both at the level of the competences and level of financial means;

    the preservation of human security.


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