Saint Kitts and Nevis 1983 Constitution

Table of Contents


PART 1. Provisions of the Constitution

  1. Chapter I;
  2. Chapter II;
  3. sections 21, 22, 51 and 56;
  4. sections 25, 26, 29, 30, 33, 34, 36, 37, 42, 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50;
  5. section 65;
  6. Chapter VI;
  7. Chapter VII (except sections 86 and 87);
  8. Chapter IX;
  9. Chapter X (except sections 104 and 108(2));
  10. schedules 2 and 5;
  11. sections 104, 108(2) and 119 in their application to any of the provisions mentioned in the foregoing items of this Part.

PART 2. Provisions of the Supreme Court Order

Sections 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 18 and 19.


  1. There shall be not less than eight constituencies in the island of Saint Christopher and not less than three constituencies in the island of Nevis and if the number of constituencies is increased beyond eleven, not less than one-third of their number shall be in the island of Nevis.
  2. All constituencies shall contain as nearly equal numbers of inhabitants as appears to the Constituency Boundaries Commission to be reasonably practicable but the Commission may depart from this rule to such extent as it considers expedient to take account of the following factors, that is to say
    1. the requirements of rule 1 and the differences in the density of the populations in the respective islands of Saint Christopher and Nevis;
    2. the need to ensure adequate representation of sparsely populated rural areas;
    3. the means of communication;
    4. geographical features; and
    5. existing administrative boundaries.


  1. Section 1 is revoked and the following section is substituted-“1. The State and its territory

    “(1) The island of Saint Christopher (which is otherwise known as Saint Kitts) shall be a sovereign democratic state which may be styled Saint Christopher or Saint Kitts.

    “(2) The territory of Saint Christopher shall comprise all areas that were comprised in the associated state of Saint Christopher and Nevis immediately before 19th September 1983 except the island of Nevis, together with such other areas as may be declared by Parliament to form part of the territory of Saint Christopher.”

  2. Sections 8(8), 19(4), 23(2), 37(2) to (7), 38(5), 51(4), the provision to section 77(l), sections 98(l)(c) and 99(l)(d), Chapter X, section 120 and schedules 5 and 6 are revoked.
  3. Subject to paragraphs 1 and 2, the Constitution shall have effect-
    1. as if the words “and Nevis” immediately following the words “Saint Christopher” wherever they occur were deleted; and
    2. as if any provisions, to the extent that they refer to the island of Nevis, the specified matters, the Nevis Island Legislature, the Nevis Island Administration or the Premier, were revoked.
  4. The constituencies in the island of Nevis shall cease to be included among the number of constituencies and the Representatives elected in the island of Nevis and any Senator who is ordinarily resident in the island of Nevis shall vacate their seats in the National Assembly.
  5. The National Assembly shall, unless Parliament stands dissolved, meet within thirty days.
  6. Parliament shall have power to make provision for depriving persons who are citizens of their citizenship if they acquire, or are entitled to acquire, some other citizenship by virtue of their connection with the island of Nevis and do not possess such qualifications for retaining their citizenship as Parliament may prescribe.