Yemen 1991 Constitution (reviewed 2015)

Table of Contents


Article 158

The President of Republic and the House of Representatives shall have the right to request amendment of one or more than one article of the Constitution. The request must identify the article(s) that require amendment as well as the reasons and justification for such amendment. If the request is issued by the House of Representatives, it must be signed by one-third of its members. In all cases, the House shall discuss whether the motion for constitutional amendment is justifiable in principle or not. The motion shall be sustained if supported by the House absolute majority. If the motion is defeated, another request for constitutional amendments of the same article(s) may not be submitted until one year lapses following that motion defeat. If the motion for constitutional amendment(s) is sustained in principle, the House shall deliberate on the article(s) to be amended after a two-month period from the date of approval. If three quarters of the House support the motion for amendment of any article(s) stipulated in Chapter One and Two (i.e. Articles: 62, 63, 81, 82, 92,93, 98, 101, 105, 108, 110, 111, 112, 116, 119, 121, 128, 139, 146, 158, 159), that motion shall be presented to the people in a general referendum. If the absolute majority of popular votes is in favour of the motion, the amendments shall be up-held as of the date the referendum results are announced. Constitutional articles other than the ones cited above may be amended if the call for an amendment is supported by at least three quarters of the House of Representatives. Such amendments shall be deemed valid as of the date of approval by House of Representatives.

Article 159

A supreme, independent and neutral committee shall administer, supervise and monitor the general elections and general referenda. The law shall specify the number of the members of the committee, the conditions they should meet under and the method for nominating and appointing them. The law also shall specify the jurisdictions and the functions of the committee in a manner that secures the best fulfillment of its functions.

Article 160

The text of the constitutional oath to be sworn by the President of the Republic, his deputy, members of the House of Representatives, the Prime Ministers and Cabinet members and by the speaker and members of the Consultative Council, shall be as follows:

I swear by Almighty Allah:

  • To adhere to the Quran (the Book of God) and the traditions established by Prophet Mohammed,
    To faithfully safeguard the Republican system;

    To respect the country ‘s Constitution and Laws;

    To fully protect people’s freedom and safeguard their interests and;

    To safeguard the country’s unity, independence and territorial integrity.

Article 161

The seven-year term referred to in Article (112) shall take effect from the beginning of the current term of the President of the Republic.

Article 162

The term of office the current House of Representatives shall be extended by 2 years effective from the date the new constitutional amendments were endorsed in accordance with the provisions of Article 65 of this Constitution.