Cuba 2018 Draft Constitution



inspired by the heroism and patriotism of those that fought for a free, independent, sovereign, democratic, and socially just homeland forged through the sacrifice of our ancestors;

by the indigenous peoples who resisted submission;

by the slaves that rebelled against their masters;

by those that awoke the national conscience and Cuban desire for our liberty and homeland;

by the patriots that started the wars of independence against Spanish colonization in 1868 as well as those that, in the final charge of 1895, led them to the victory of 1898, which was taken away by the military intervention and occupation of Yankee imperialism;

by those that fought for over fifty years against imperialist domination, political corruption, the lack of rights and liberties, unemployment, and the exploitation imposed by capitalists and landowners;

by the members of the vanguard of the generation of the 100th anniversary of Martí’s birth, who, nourished by his teaching, led us to the victorious popular revolution in January of 1959;

by those that, in sacrificing their lives, defended the Revolution and contributed to its definitive consolidation;

by those that completed heroic international missions together;

by the epic resistance and unity of our people;


by the ideal and example of Martí and Fidel, as well as the socio-political ideas of Marx, Engels, and Lenin;


to carry forward the triumphant Revolutions of Moncada and Granma, of the Sierra, and of Girón that, sustained in the complete unity of all the revolutionary forces and the people, conquered national independence, realized the democratic transformations and initiated the construction of Socialism;


that, in the edification of socialism, the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba, born through the unitary will of the organizations that decisively contributed to the triumph of the Revolution, and national unity, constitute fundamental pillars and guarantees of our economic, social and political order;


with the tenets displayed in the concept of Revolution, as expressed by the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on the 1st of May of the year 2000;


our will that the law of the laws of the Republic be presided over by this profound yearning, finally achieved by José Martí,

“I wish that the first law of our Republic be the devotion of the Cubans to the full dignity of man;”


by our free vote, through a referendum, the following: