Who is Amou Haji? What You Must Know About World’s Dirtiest Man

In 1928, Amou Haji was born in what was then the Persian Empire

6 Facts About Amou Haji

  1. He was known as “the dirtiest man in the world”
  2. He was born in Persia.
  3. “The Strange Life of Amou Haji” was a documentary about him.
  4. Amou Haji was an affectionate nickname for old people.
  5. He had Persian ancestry.
  6. He never married and had no children.

Who is Amou Haji?

Amou Haji was a man from Iran who became famous for having the reputation of being “the dirtiest man in the world.” He was affectionately referred to as “Uncle Haji.”

His real name was not Amou Haji; rather, the affectionate moniker given to elderly folks was Amou Haji. At the time of his passing, it was impossible for anyone to know what his genuine name was.

A documentary released in 2013 and named The Strange Life of Amou Haji focused on Amou Haji as its subject.

Amou Haji Life & Death

In 1928, Amou Haji was born in what was then the Persian Empire. Because he was afraid of both soap and water, he had not had a bath in over 60 years.

Late in the year 2022, only a few short months before he passed away, however, he was coerced into taking a bath.

He passed away in Kahrar-e Dejgah, Kermanshah, Iran, on October 23, 2022.

Amou Haji Education

No one who lived in close proximity to Amou Haji was able to determine whether or not he had completed any kind of formal education.

Amou Haji Career

There is no record of Amou Haji having a career. In the Iranian city of Kermanshah, he inhabited a little shack.

Amou Haji Ethnicity

Amou Haji had Persian ancestry.

Amou Haji Parents

Amou Haji passed away when he was 94 years old. No one in the Iran of today have any knowledge regarding his family.

Amou Haji Siblings

There was no known member of Amou Haji’s family. The only people who were close to him were those who lived in his neighbourhood.

Amou Haji Religion

There are certain people in Persia who do not practise Islam; therefore, it is impossible to determine Amou Haji’s faith from his appearance alone.

Amou Haji Wife

It was largely just Amou Haji, his shark, and his cigarates when he was seen. He didn’t have a wife.

Amou Haji Children

Since Amou Haji had never been married, he did not have any children.

Amou Haji Social Media

Amou Haji had reached his 90s when he died away, thus it is likely that he was not familiar with social media. It is known that he does not have any social media pages.

Amou Haji Net Worth

Amou Haji was a destitute man who passed away just a few months after taking his first bath in sixty years. He lived in a hut and didn’t bathe until just a few months before his death. He had absolutely nothing in the way of a net worth.