Bavaria 1808 Constitution

Part VI. Of the Military

Article 1

A standing army shall be maintained for the defense of the State and in order to fulfill the responsibilities agreed upon in the Rhenish Federation act.

Article 2

The troops shall be recruited by means of common military conscription.

Article 3

The army shall only act against foreign enemies; the army shall only act in the interior in special cases when the Monarch explicitly orders it, or when the civil authorities formally summon the military power for this purpose.

Article 4

Persons in the military are only subject to military jurisdiction in cases of criminal and official business; in all other cases, however, they shall be subject to the appropriate civil courts, as are all other citizens.

Article 5

The civilian militia is hereby affirmed. In order to keep peace in times of war a national guard shall be instituted, as shall a gendarmerie maintained by the police.