Bavaria 1808 Constitution

Part IV. Of the National Representative Body

Article 1

In each district, out of the 200 landowners, salesmen, or factory owners of the area who pay the highest property taxes, seven delegates shall be elected, who all together shall form the royal assembly.

Article 2

The King shall appoint a president and four secretaries from the members of the assembly for the duration of one or more sessions.

Article 3

The deputies shall be appointed for the duration of six years; however after the course of these six years they shall again be eligible for the position.

Article 4

The national representative body shall assemble at least once per year when called together by the King, who shall both open and close the assembly. He may also adjourn or cancel the assembly; however if he cancels, he must call for a new assembly to convene within two months of the cancellation.

Article 5

Whenever the election of a deputy or the entire representative body of the Kingdom is to be conducted, either all district assemblies, or just those participating, shall be summoned through unsealed royal letters, which shall be forwarded by the minister of the interior.

Article 6

The assembly itself shall elect commissions of between three and four members; one commission each for finances, civil and disciplinary legislature, internal administration, and repayment of state debts. These commissions shall assemble and correspond with the relevant sections of the privy council concerning drafts of laws and main regulations, as well as the annual financial budget, whenever the government requires it of them.

Article 7

Laws prepared in this way shall be brought to the representative body by between two and three members of the privy council; the assembly shall vote on the laws by means of secret voting by absolute majority. No one is authorized to speak except the royal commissioner from the privy council and the members of the relevant commission of the representative body.