Czech Republic 1993 Constitution (reviewed 2013)


We, the citizens of the Czech Republic in Bohemia, in Moravia, and in Silesia,

At the time of the restoration of an independent Czech state,

  • Faithful to all good traditions of the long-existing statehood of the lands of the Czech Crown, as well as of Czechoslovak statehood,
    Resolved to build, safeguard, and develop the Czech Republic in the spirit of the sanctity of human dignity and liberty,

    As the homeland of free citizens enjoying equal rights, conscious of their duties towards others and their responsibility towards the community,

    As a free and democratic state founded on respect for human rights and on the principles of civic society,

    As part of the family of democracies in Europe and around the world,

    Resolved to guard and develop together the natural and cultural, material and spiritual wealth handed down to us,

    Resolved to abide by all proven principles of a state governed by the rule of law,

Through our freely-elected representatives, do adopt this Constitution of the Czech Republic.

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