Libya 2016 Draft Constitution


Based on the values of our true religion, guided by the struggle of Libyans against colonization and dictatorship, barring their return of any kind, and recalling the bitter experiences of the country that violated rights and liberties,

With loyalty of Libyans, past and present, some who become righteous martyrs, sacrificing so much for the sake of independence and liberation from injustice and tyranny, a victory for all the oppressed,

To move towards freedom, peace, and preservation of the country’s unity, to completely break with autocracy, to build the rule of law, to achieve social and economic growth, to establish a society built on citizenship, peaceful rotation of power, good governance, and solidarity, justice, and equality for all Libyans, and in continuation of the Libyan State that was established in 1951, the three provinces (Cyrenaica, Tripolitania, and Fezzan), and the transition to a united state in 1963,

With a view to work with the people of the world within the framework of equality, mutual interests, and respect for national sovereignty, God opened the horizons widely for us to build a State of Law and its institutions.

We the people of Libya, in the name of the Merciful and Benevolent God and our Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, the Greatest Messenger, recognize this Constitution.