Difference Between Eco Gel and Relaxer

Difference Between Eco Gel and Relaxer

Eco gel nourishes and styles hair while promoting growth. It is natural and chemical-free. Chemical relaxers permanently straighten curly or wavy hair. It can break hair if done improperly.

What is Eco Gel?

Eco gel, short for “eco-friendly gel,” is a hairstyling product that uses only organic and natural ingredients. More and more people are turning to it because they want to take better care of the planet and their hair simultaneously. Unlike regular hair gels, the eco gel contains no harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients. The eco gel is distinguished by its all-natural composition, including aloe vera, glycerin, and coconut oil. The hair receives numerous benefits from combining these ingredients, including a boost in health and appearance.

Eco gel, as a natural and eco-friendly hair styling product, offers several benefits for the hair. Traditional hair gels often contain alcohol, but the eco gel does not. Split ends and breakage are just two of the hair problems that can be exacerbated by alcohol. The eco gel is a healthier, more natural alternative that protects hair from damage. Eco gel’s versatility in helping you achieve looks as different as sleek and smooth or as elaborate as curly and voluminous is another plus. The hair isn’t left feeling crunchy or stiff, and the hold is suitable for easy styling. Because it is mild, nourishing, and adaptable, it is an excellent option for those who want to care for their hair without sacrificing their principles.

What is Relaxer?

Curly, coily, or kinked hair can be chemically smoothed with the help of a relaxer. Hair relaxers are effective because they alter the hair’s protein structure, making it easier to manage and straighten. People who want straight hair but don’t want to deal with the hassle of styling it daily often opt for this solution. Sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydrochloride, and ammonium thioglycolate are vital alkaline compounds used as active relaxer ingredients. These chemicals relax the hair’s bonds, allowing you to reshape your hair into a straighter style. However, if not appropriately used, relaxers can cause damage to the hair and scalp due to the potent chemicals used. It’s crucial to wear protective gear like gloves and scalp protectors and follow the directions to the letter.

While relaxers offer a quick and easy way to get straight hair, they are still dangerous and should only be used by trained professionals. More potent formulations of relaxers are recommended for coarser hair types, and these products are available in various strengths. Select the appropriate concentration for your hair type to prevent harm to your hair and scalp. Relaxers should be used cautiously, at most every 6-8 weeks.

Difference Between Eco Gel and Relaxer?

Relaxer and eco-gel have different uses. The natural eco gel holds hair in place and adds shine and definition. Relaxer, however, permanently straightens curly or frizzy hair with chemicals. The eco gel is water-based and rinses clean. It works for all hair types and is used in protective styles like braids, twists, and wash-and-goes. The eco gel moisturises and prevents breakage.

However, the relaxer chemically breaks the protein bonds that give curly hair its shape. This produces straight hair that requires little maintenance but can damage hair and scalp if done incorrectly. Professionals with specific hair types should only do relaxers. In conclusion, eco gel and relaxers are different products with different uses. The eco gel is a natural hair styling product that works for all hair types, while the relaxer is a chemical treatment used to straighten curly hair permanently.