Difference Between Suicide and Euthanasia


Suicide and euthanasia are two terms in English that must be utilized variedly as there are some distinctions between them regarding their descriptions and definitions. Suicide has to do with purposefully slaughtering oneself. This can be as a result of several causes. When individuals are unfortunate and forfeit their incentives toward living, some individuals try to commit suicide. There is no particular age limit for suicide. It can be tried by a person belonging to any age group. On the other hand, euthanasia can be described as mercy killing. This is often committed on the grounds of medical situations. As a result of this, the legitimacy of euthanasia is properly inaugurated and is regarded to be legal. Hence, in the situation of suicide, it is illegal.

What is Suicide?

When paying attention to the word suicide, it can simply be described as purposely slaughtering oneself. Suicide originates from the absence of encouragement to live. In the current society, we attend suicidal events via media. The causes for these suicides differ. It varies from a personal crisis, which includes relationship problems, unhappiness, and employment, to several communal crises, which include poverty. In every situation, the person is stressed by misery and possesses an acute sense of dissatisfaction in life. This directs the individual to a level where they feel that life is fruitless. When this reaches an optimal point, the individual with suicidal reflections tries to kill himself. In this feeling, it is a brutal action. Within the lawful framework of so many nations, suicide is considered illegal. Any individual who tries to kill oneself is severely punishable under the law. Even when focusing on religious settings, like Buddhism, religion is regarded as a part of the tremendous sin. When acting on the comparison between suicide and euthanasia, suicide does not usually occur after severe consideration. It happens without much deliberation since the person is overwrought by the feelings and the surrounding setting. Furthermore, it appears without constructive thinking. For instance, a very standard system of teenage suicide can be derived. A young adolescent boy commits suicide as a result of a relationship problem. The young boy feels lost immediately and becomes dragged down and aggrieved. This makes him see suicide as a likely answer to the existing problem. In this feeling, there is a significant difference between euthanasia and suicide. Further, this feeling of suicide is only useful to human beings and not animals.

What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia is very distinct from suicide. It can be described as mercy slaying. In the system of euthanasia, another individual is accountable for the action of killing. The cause, however, is to ease an individual suffering from a terminal ailment which is not like the situation of suicide. In suicide, the person kills to alleviate herself from the crisis bugging her. Another significant difference between the two is that, as in euthanasia, another individual carries out the killing; in suicide, the action of slaying is carried out by oneself. It is fascinating to understand that the ancient Greek philosophers endorsed euthanasia, but they disagreed with suicide. Some individuals regard suicide as an action of gutlessness, while euthanasia is an act of mercy. When going into a comparison between these two, euthanasia is not a quick and harsh action. It is described as an intellectual activity. It occurs after a severe consideration of the individuals concerned. Euthanasia occurs with constructive thinking. It is vital to understand that euthanasia is also useful to people and animals. The legitimacy of euthanasia is designated, while in suicide, it is utmostly prohibited. On the other hand, an individual dealing with euthanasia is commended for his action. There is also a notion described as voluntary euthanasia when an individual voluntarily accepts to be assisted to die.

Difference Between Suicide and Euthanasia

  • Suicide is done by the person subjected to the killing while another executes euthanasia.
  • Suicide is an immediate and harsh act, while euthanasia occurs after a severe consideration of the individuals concerned.
  • Suicide does not occur with constructive thinking, while euthanasia occurs with constructive thinking.
  • Suicide is regarded as illegal, while euthanasia is permitted.