How to Load Credit on MTN Using Your Recharge Code

You can gain access to the MTN Ghana data sharing service by sending an SMS keyword, visiting the myMTN app, dialing direct shortcodes for the respective options, or accessing the service on your phone by dialing *131*7#.

Looking for the MTN recharge code but not sure what it is? Use this guidelines as a resource. Get ready to learn the MTN recharge card code and how to use it.

Among the millions of people who use Nigeria’s telecom services, MTN Nigeria is one of the most widely used networks.

MTN Group Limited is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Despite this, it is still one of Nigerians’ favourite networks.

Although there are numerous convenient options for topping off your MTN sim card, the vast majority of customers still like physically purchasing recharge cards from retail outlets.

The code needed to load a newly purchased recharge card can be easily forgotten, especially for new subscribers or customers with many lines. Don’t worry! If you’re having trouble, this tutorial is here to help.

How to Make Use of Your MTN Recharge Card:

  1. To begin, take your recharge card and use a coin or other suitable object to scratch the silver surface. This will expose the recharge PIN.
  2. On your phone, dial *555*CARD PIN#, then press the send key.
  3. Wait until you get a notification verifying that your recharge has been completed.

It is important to remember that there will be occasions when the network isn’t up to par and your card won’t get loaded. In that situation, you can just try again when you anticipate a more favourable network environment.

FAQs About MTN Recharge Cards:

The PIN For An MTN Recharge Card Has A Total Of How Many Digits?

MTN recharge cards use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) of 17 digits at present. In 2015, there were just 12 digits, but subsequent developments led to an expansion to 16 and then another expansion to 17 digits.

In Nigeria, How Much Do MTN Recharge Cards Cost?

Airtime vouchers used to be offered for the exact amount you wished to top up, but due to rising production costs and other considerations, many small store owners in Nigeria now add an extra N10 or N20 to the actual amount.

Is There A Secret Code For The MTN Recharge Card That I May Use?

Trying to hack an MTN recharge PIN is a huge hassle. It’s true that there have been occurrences of people successfully guessing recharge PINs and receiving their funds.

In contrast, the odds of successfully guessing a recharge pin and obtaining one are roughly one in a million. It’s also incredibly hazardous and could get your line blocked from receiving recharges.