GOtv Activation & Subscription Codes, Self-Service Access, and More

MultiChoice, DSTV's parent company, launched GOtv in response to the challenging Nigerian economy and the rising level of competition in the pay television business from surrounding nations.

MultiChoice, DSTV‘s parent company, launched GOtv in response to the challenging Nigerian economy and the rising level of competition in the pay television business from surrounding nations. GOtv aims to meet the needs of the average Nigerian while remaining affordable.

The Nigerian market has welcomed it enthusiastically from its inception in 2011. Still, there will always be fresh difficulties to overcome, no matter how well-planned or helpful the initiative. Since this is the case, GOtv has implemented a set of self-service codes to aid customers.

How to Enter and Use Your GOtv Self-Service Codes

You can pick up a GOtv starter kit at any MultiChoice office if you’ve decided to join the ranks of GOtv’s many satisfied customers. A decoder, antenna, and remote control are included in the starter package. Should you want assistance during the installation process, a technical agent will be assigned to you.

To get you started with GOTV’s premium service, the company will provide a free max subscription for the first month. Then, you’ll be able to pick the plan that’s ideal for your circumstances.

A subscriber would inevitably receive an error message at some point. It can occur for a variety of causes, but fortunately, the solution is simple. A GOtv subscriber may get one of the following error messages; here’s how to get rid of it.

E16 Error Message

The error code E16 indicates that your GOtv subscription has expired and you have not yet renewed it. In certain instances, however, it is possible to make a payment; yet, the error code continues since the decoder was turned off at the time of payment.

How to Fix It

The E16 error warning can be resolved via SMS or the GOtv website.

Send ‘RESET’ plus your IUC number through SMS to 4688

RESET123456789 to 4688 as an example.

On GOTV Website

  1. First, navigate to the “Easy Self Service” button on the GOTV website.
  2. Click the inverted triangle to access the drop-down menu.
  3. Find “Fix errors” and click on it.
  4. Click on clear error code, choose E16, enter your IUC number, and then click on “Fix error.”

E48-32 Error Message

For the decoder to return this error code, there must be an issue with the incoming signal. This can happen because of a malfunctioning setup or severe weather.

What to Do About It

  1. Sometimes the only thing to do is wait the storm out.
  2. If the issue persists even when the sky is clear, the cable may be at fault; check its connections at the decoder and the antenna to ensure they are secure.
  3. Changing the antenna’s position may improve the signal if the problem persists.
  4. If you’ve already tried everything on this list and the error message still persists, a simple rescan of the decoder should do the trick.

E30 Error Message

This indicates that the decoder has been turned off or is not being used. The most common cause is an unresolved E48-32 error for the subscriber.

How to Resolve It

Send ‘RESET’ + IUC number to 4688. It might be wise to wait until your subscription is paid in full before doing so.

How to Activate Your GOtv Decoder Through Self-Service

In order to view any of GOtv’s content, new users in Nigeria must first activate their accounts. This can be done by short message service (SMS) via the GOtv Nigeria website.

What You Need to Know About Activating GOtv Via Text Message

Send the following information to 4688 to activate your decoder: accept*IUC number*Surname*mobile number*City*Package type#.

Accept*2000123345*Surname*12345678912*Enugu*GOtvMax# is an example of a valid input.

You can also use the decoder by following the steps below.

  1. To activate your service, use any device connected to the internet and navigate to Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to the appropriate website.
  2. Include your city, last name, IUC number, and mobile number in the fields provided.
  3. Go ahead and select “ACTIVATE NEW ACCOUNT”

Subscribing Through Eazy Self-Service and What You Need to Know

Consumers in Nigeria who use GOtv can pick from a variety of pricing tiers. As a result, it’s dependent on their financial situation. What each plan includes is outlined briefly below.

The GOTV Max package is the top tier package. For N3600, you can watch all 90 of GOtv’s channels for a full month.

Recently, a new bundle called GOTV Jolli was released. Jolli, with a price tag of N2460 and a channel lineup of 82, is comparable to Max in terms of the luxury experience it provides. The major drawback is that football lovers may only watch replays of games because most sports channels aren’t included in GOTV Jolly or any cheaper package.

At just N1640, you may have GOTV Jinja delivered right to your door. Unlike the other two packages, this one focuses on movies and contains 57 channels.

Customers have the option of paying for these packages over the phone or in a local MultiChoice location. In the past, GOTV attempted to sell subscription cards for its subscriptions, but the initiative stalled due to lack of market interest.

How to Pay Through GOtv Eazy Self Service

You can use the Eazy Self Service to pay for your own subscription, or someone else’s, with ease. To accomplish this, please go to and enter your payment information.

You can also subscribe to your package through the banking platform.

The Stanbic Mobile Wallet: How to Use It for Payment

The technology behind this is USSD. lling a short code will bring up the menu on the screen.

  1. First, enter *909# into your phone’s keypad.
  2. Two, choose option 4 and hit the “Register” button to send.
  3. In Stage 3, you will fill out each field with relevant customer data and then submit the form.
  4. In Stage 4, You’ll be taken to the Stanbic Mobile GOtv Payment Page.

Using the FCMB Bank to Make Payment

You can pay for your subscription at any FCMB bank conveniently located near you. Your name, phone number, and IUC number will all need to be entered into a form.

However, Paga and other payment systems are used by retailers. However, keep in mind that adopting this method will result in somewhat higher service fees.

Paying With the Gotv Mobile App

The GOTV app provides subscribers with yet another method of paying for their subscriptions. The app is simple to use and has the potential to resolve any issue a subscriber may have.

Learn How To Install the GOtv Mobile App And Get Started

  1. First, get the MyGOTV app from the appropriate app store (Android or iOS) and install it on your mobile device.
  2. Second, after downloading and opening the app, sign up for an account.
  3. Third, activate it by clicking the “ACTIVATE” button.

This application does a lot more than just let you check your subscription status and see any issue messages.