Somalia 2012 Constitution

Table of Contents


Article 115. Civil service Values

The civil service at all levels of government is a pledge to serve the people and shall be based on the values of the constitution, compassion, transparency, community service, respect for administrative hierarchy, obedience, confidentiality, work ethics, efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism protect principles of fairness, equality and best practices.

Article 116. Protection of the rights of civil servants

Civil servants may not be:

  1. Victimized for doing work related to their responsibility;
  2. Dismissed from their job, transferred from office or be demoted, unless there is legal and reasonable ground.

Article 117. Appointment of High Ranking Officials

High ranking public employees and officials of the government as defined by the law, shall be appointed by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, after considering the proposal by the Council of Ministers.

Article 118. Civil Servants and Public Employees

  1. Civil servants and public employees shall exercise their functions in accordance with the law and solely in the public interest.
  2. Civil servants and public employees shall not be leaders of any political party.
  3. The law shall determine the categories of state employees who may not be members of political parties, and the activities that are incompatible with their duties.
  4. The legal status of the state employees shall be regulated by law.
  5. Permanent jobs with the government may be earned only by an open competition, except in the circumstances described by law.

Article 119. Civil Service

  1. The Federal Government and the Federal Member States may recruit their employees.
  2. There shall be a civil service both at the Federal level and at the level of the Federal Member States;
  3. The Federal Government and the Federal Member States may cooperate in the deployment of staff, in order to ensure that expertise and experience are available where needed and in order to promote national unity.
  4. The Civil Service of the Federal Government and Federal Member States shall be formed on the basis of proportional representation of the resident population.