Tajikistan 1994 Constitution (reviewed 2016)


Article 93

The supervision of the exact and uniform implementation of laws on the territory of Tajikistan is carried out by the General Procurator and procurators subordinate to him within the limits of their powers.

Article 94

The General Procurator heads a single centralized system of organs of the Procuratura of Tajikistan. The General Procurator is accountable to the Majlisi Milli and the President.

Article 95

The General Procurator of Tajikistan is appointed for a five-year term.

The General Procurator appoints to office procurators subordinate to him and dismisses them. The term of procurators is five years.

The activity, powers, and structure of organs of the Procuratura are regulated by law.

Article 96

The General Procurator and procurators subordinate to him exercise their powers independently of other State organs [and] officials and are subordinate only to law.

Article 97

The procurator may not hold another office, be a deputy of representative organs, member of political parties and associations, [or] to engage in entrepreneurial activity apart from engaging in scientific, educational, and creative activity.