Yemen 2015 Draft Constitution

Table of Contents

Chapter VI. Public Administration

Article 349

Public administration at all State institutions and at every level of governance shall adhere to democratic values and the principles of good governance, including:

  1. Standards of quality, transparency, accountability and responsibility.
  2. Standards of professionalism, integrity, honesty and good conduct.
  3. Engagement of citizens in the process of policy and decision making, through transparency, consultations and regular reporting.
  4. Equality among citizens, both women and men, in access to public sector jobs to ensure the accomodation of the different groups and constituencies of society.
  5. Hiring and promotion through clear, substantive and impartial procedures and standards; and the creation of equal opportunities and fair competition.
  6. Efficient, effective and economic use of public resources.
  7. Good management of human resources and professional development.
  8. Provision of services to the citizens in an ongoing, effective, fast and equitable manner, which is responsive to their needs.
  9. No citizen shall be deprived of the right to assume a job in the public sector because of ideological, partisan, doctrinal or regional affiliation.

Article 350

In order to promote the efficiency of public administration, commitment to the following principles shall be considered mandatory:

  1. Neutrality of public offices and the prohibition against using them for partisan and factional objectives or private purposes.
  2. The prohibition of double employment in public administration and office.
  3. All public institutions at all levels of Government shall be subject to controls, assessment and accountability.
  4. Adoption of a job description system for all public offices of the State and at all levels of governance.

Article 351

A public employee shall adhere to the provisions of the Constitution and the laws in force and the implementation of all decisions and shall perform the work with integrity and protect public and private funds.

Article 352

All public servants shall be subjected to the principles of good governnance and the granting of immunity from accountability in cases involving public funds shall be prohibited.

Article 353

Senior office holders in the public administration shall present financial disclosures in accordance with the determination of the law.

Article 354

The President of the Republic, the Vice President and holders of senior offices shall be prohibited from engaging in commercial or business activities or any other private profession. Each, either personally themselves or through intermediaries, shall be prohibited from buying or renting any State property, or from any public legal persons, or public or private enterprises, or sell, lease or barter to the State any of of their property. Any such acts shall be deemed null and void.