Iceland 2011 Draft Constitution

Table of Contents

Chapter IX. Final Provisions

Article 113. Amendments to the Constitution

When the Althing has passed a legislative bill to amend the Constitution, the bill shall by subjected to a vote by all the electorate in the country for approval or rejection. The vote shall take place at the earliest one month and at the latest three months after the passing of the bill in the Althing.

However, if five-sixths of the Members of the Althing have voted for the bill, the Althing may decide to abandon the vote, in which case the bill shall nonetheless pass into law.

Article 114. Entry into force

This constitutional act shall enter into force when the Althing has passed it in accordance with the provisions of the Constitutional Act No. 33 of 17 June 1944, as amended.

On the entry into force of this constitutional act, Constitutional Act No. 33 of 17 June 1944, as amended, shall be repealed.