Iceland 2011 Draft Constitution

Table of Contents

Chapter VII. Municipalities

Article 105. Independence of municipalities

Municipalities shall manage their own affairs as laid down by law.

Municipalities shall have sufficient capacity and income to undertake their statutory responsibilities.

The sources of revenue of municipalities shall be decided by law, as well as their right to decide whether and how to use them.

Article 106. Subsidiarity

Municipalities, or associations acting for the municipalities, shall be charged with the aspects of public service that are regarded as best discharged locally, as further provided for by law.

Article 107. Election of local government and public participation

Municipalities are governed by local governments working under a mandate from residents and elected in by secret ballot in general elections.

The right of the residents of a municipality to request a referendum on its affairs shall be determined by law.

Article 108. Obligation to consult

Local governments and their associations shall be consulted in the course of the preparation of legislation concerning the affairs of municipalities