Monaco 1962 Constitution (reviewed 2002)

Chapter VIII. The Crown Council

Article 75

The Crown Council consists of seven members of Monegasque nationality, appointed by the Prince for a period of three years.

The President and three other members are directly appointed by the Prince.

Three members are appointed at the suggestion of the National Council, chosen from outside its members.

The offices of Minister of State and Government Councillor are incompatible with those of President or member of the Crown Council.

Article 76

The Crown Council meets at least twice a year further to the Prince’s summons. In addition, the Prince may call a meeting anytime He deems it necessary, either on his own initiative or further to the suggestion of the Crown Council’s President.

Article 77

The Crown Council may be consulted by the Prince on issues regarding the States higher interests. It may offer suggestions to the Prince.

It must be consulted on the following subjects: international treaties, dissolution of the National Council requests or naturalisation and restoration of the Monegasque nationality, pardons and amnesties.

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