Monaco 1962 Constitution (reviewed 2002)

Chapter I The Principality – The Public Powers

Article 1

The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign and independent State within the framework of the general principles of international law and of the particular conventions with France.

The territory of the Principality is unalienable.

Article 2

The principle of government is the hereditary and constitutional monarchy.

The Principality is a State under the rule of law, committed to fundamental freedoms and rights.

Article 3

The executive power is exercised by the highest authority of the Prince.

The Prince’s persona is inviolable.

Article 4

The legislative power is jointly exercised by the Prince and the National Council.

Article 5

The judiciary power is exercised by the courts and tribunals.

Article 6

The separation of the administrative, legislative and judiciary functions is guaranteed.

Article 7

The Prince’s standard consists of the coat of arms of the House of Grimaldi upon a white ground.

The National Flag consists of two equal stripes, red and white, arranged horizontally, the red in the upper part, the white in the lower part.

The use of these standard and flag is governed by the provisions of the sovereign ordinance dated April 4th, 1881.

Article 8

The French language is the official language of the State.

Article 9

The Catholic, Apostolic and Roman religion is the religion of the State.