Monaco 1962 Constitution (reviewed 2002)

Chapter IX. The Commune

Article 78

The territory of the Principality forms a single commune.

Article 79

The Commune is administered by a municipality composed of the mayor and deputies designated by the Communal Council from amongst its members.

In accordance with the conditions determined by law, elections are Monegasque citizens of either gender, at least eighteen years of age, with the exception of those deprived of the right to vote for any of the causes set forth by law.

All Monegasque electors of either gender, at least twenty-one years of age, who have held the Monegasque nationality for at least five years and who are not deprived of the right to stand for election for any of the causes set forth by law are eligible.

Article 80

The Communal Council is composed of 15 members elected for a term of four years by universal direct suffrage by the list system.

There is no incompatibility between the Communal Councillor’s mandate and that of National Councillor.

Article 81

The Communal Council meets every three months in ordinary session. Each Session may not last longer than fifteen days.

Article 82

Extraordinary sessions may be held, on the request or with the authorisation of the Minister of State, for specific purposes.

Article 83

The Communal Council may be dissolved by a well-founded ministerial decree after the State Council’s opinion is sought.

Article 84

In case of dissolution or resignation of all the members of the Communal Council, a special delegation is appointed by ministerial decree to carry out its duties until a new Council is elected. This election shall take place within three months.

Article 85

The Communal Council is chaired by the mayor or, in his/her absence, by the deputy or the councillor who replaces him/her; following the order of the chart.

Article 86

The Communal Council debates in public meeting on the Commune’s affairs. Its proceedings are enforceable fifteen days after notification to the Minister of State, unless a well-founded opposition under the form of a ministerial decree is initiated.

Article 87

The communal budget is supplied with revenue produced from communal property the communes ordinary resources and appropriations prescribed by the initial budget law of the year.