Japan 1889 Constitution

CHAPTER VII. Supplementary Rules

Art 73

When it may become necessary in future to amend the provisions of the present Constitution, a project to that effect shall be submitted to the Imperial Diet by imperial order.

In the above case, neither house shall open the debate, unless not less than two thirds of the whole number of the members are present, and no amendment shall be passed, unless a majority of not less than two thirds of the members present is obtained.

Art 74

No modification of the Imperial House Law shall be required to be submitted to the deliberation of the Imperial Diet.

No provision of the present Constitution can be modified by the Imperial House Law.

Art 75

No modification shall be introduced into the Constitution, or into the Imperial House Law, during the time of a regency.

Art 76

Existing legal enactments, such as laws, regulations, ordinances, or by whatever names they may be called, shall, so far as they do not conflict with the present Constitution, continue in force.

All existing contracts or orders, that entail obligations upon the government, and that are connected with expenditure, shall come within the scope of Article 67.