Sudan 2005 Constitution

Table of Contents


219. Affirmation of the Right to Self Determination by the People of Southern Sudan

The people of Southern Sudan shall have the right to self-determination through a referendum to determine their future status.

220. Southern Sudan Referendum Commission

  1. A Southern Sudan Referendum Act shall be promulgated by the National Legislature at the beginning of the third year of the interim period.
  2. The Presidency shall, as soon as Southern Sudan Referendum Act is issued, establish Southern Sudan Referendum Commission.

221. The Assessment and Evaluation Commission

  1. An independent Assessment and Evaluation Commission shall be established by the President of the Republic with the consent of the First Vice President to monitor the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement during the interim period.
  2. The Commission shall conduct a mid-term evaluation of the unity arrangements established under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
  3. The Parties to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement shall work with the Commission during the interim period with a view to improving the institutions and arrangements created under that Agreement and to make the unity of the Sudan attractive to the people of Southern Sudan.

222. The Referendum on Self-Determination

  1. Six months before the end of the six year interim period, there shall be an internationally monitored referendum, for the people of Southern Sudan organized by Southern Sudan Referendum Commission in cooperation with the National Government and the Government of Southern Sudan[.]
  2. The people of Southern Sudan shall either:-
    1. confirm unity of the Sudan by voting to sustain the system of government established under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and this Constitution, or
    2. vote for secession.