Sudan 2005 Constitution

Table of Contents



214. The Population Census Council

  1. There shall be established by the President of the Republic, after consultation within the Presidency, a Population Census Council.
  2. The Population Census Council shall:-
    1. plan for the population census,
    2. set standards and criteria for the Central Bureau of Statistics,
    3. follow-up on the preparations leading to the population census and oversee the actual census operation,
    4. report to the Presidency regarding the Population Census.

215. Population Census

  1. A population census throughout the Sudan shall be conducted and completed by the end of the second year of the Interim Period.
  2. The Census shall be conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Southern Sudan Centre for Statistics and Evaluation.


216. Time of Elections

General Elections at all levels of government shall be held not later than the end of the fourth year of the Interim Period.

217. Referendum

  1. The President of the Republic or the National Assembly, by resolution passed by more than half of the members, may refer to referendum any matter of national or public interest.
  2. The National Elections Commission shall conduct the referendum for all the electorate; the subject submitted to referendum would achieve the confidence of the people by obtaining more than half of the number of votes cast.
  3. Any resolution which has achieved the consent of the people by referendum shall have authority above any other legislation. It shall not be annulled save by another referendum.

218. Condition for Contesting Election

Whoever runs in any elections shall respect, abide by and enforce the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.