Sudan 2005 Constitution

Table of Contents


133. Public Attorneys

  1. The public attorneys and the State legal advisors shall be under the National Minister of Justice to advise the State, represent it in public prosecution, litigation and adjudication, and conduct pre-trial proceedings. They shall recommend law reform, strive to protect public and private rights, advise on legal matters and render legal aid.
  2. The National Minister of Justice is the chief legal advisor of the National Government, he shall be the prosecuting authority at the national level and at the northern states and may perform any such other functions of legal character as may be prescribed by law.
  3. The State legal advisors shall perform their duties faithfully and impartially according to this Constitution and the law.
  4. Functions, immunities, emoluments, terms and conditions of service of the State legal advisors shall be prescribed by law.
  5. In the interest of justice and effectiveness in the execution of their legal duties, the National Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development of Southern Sudan shall co-ordinate, co-operate and assist each other in the fulfillment of their functions and may to this end, establish the necessary mechanisms and channels of implementation.

134. Advocacy

  1. Advocacy is an independent private profession and shall be regulated by law.
  2. Advocacy shall promote, protect and advance the fundamental rights of citizens. Advocates shall serve to prevent injustice, defend the legal rights and interests of their clients, seek conciliation between adversaries and may render legal aid for the needy according to law.